Lets go one level deeper.

There is nothing more interesting than sitting across a different human, looking at them. A simple date is full of detail. How much did she try? What did she like? The dates will add up and the body sitting across you will become a warm and safe one.

It can’t be that only humans can love so deep - it has to be a chemical thing, i’m sure. Yet, we are the only ones that can reflect on it so beautiful. So thank you dear- for reflecting my love in your smile. 

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Love the light show

Love the light show

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It’s late tonight. One of those days again. Yet my minds never been clearer. It’s you on my mind.

It’s late tonight. One of those days again. Yet my minds never been clearer. It’s you on my mind.

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Let’s go one level deeper

I think its time we met. As you can see the posts are not regular, and that’s very simple to explain - I think a lot. I chew on my ideas, spit them out and chew them one more time before writing them 

My blog posts are going to take you one level deeper. Let me briefly explain what that means. The ideas that are formed and written about here are going to be generated from deductive and inductive reasoning. Using these forms of reasoning and taking you along the ride with my explanations / assumptions - I will do what I do best, philosophize.

These are going to be conversation starters. I will be discussing government structures, financial systems, technological advancements and other very broad topics. My ideas are often very radical and extremist, feel free to call me out on it. I will be proposing new structures and all other crazy things from the point of view that I have developed in my life.

I will not be discussing what I ate today. Nor will I talk about meaningless crap such as the new Facebook layout. I will however discuss the impact of Social Networks on a Species as a whole in an article very shortly. Another thing that I will not have for sure is proper grammar. I care more about the concept of grammar then the grammar itself - but feel free to correct me so your reads can get better.

Why? Why am I doing this? Since being a little boy, I have had a special type of conversation with my Grandmother (PhD in Chemistry). We discussed all the difficult questions in the world and attempt to apply concepts to these problems. This exercise has increased my ability to rationalize, and think many steps ahead in my head. The fact that you speak to someone about your thoughts and you keep building on a concept (such as Human Species and how important it is to socialize) will help us further train our brains.

Now regarding the timing of the blog? It’ll come every now and then. We need to find topics that are fully developed and have thoughts that will truly entertain the mind. I have come up with one such topic and will be blogging about it shortly (that’s why I felt compelled to quickly write this introduction). Because everyone knows the key to success is managing expectations (or shall we talk about that a little more?)


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A Letter to 4Food


Dear 4Food,

You are a great looking restaurant with some of the best tech that I have seen. You guys have vision and burgers - seems like nothing could go wrong. But never say never. Unfortunately, I have been to 4Food a couple of times and the experience wasn’t quite where I thought it should be. I run in a long line of restauranteurs and work in the food tech industry, I wanted to tell you what I think the problem is.

Here are four issues that I noticed.

1. Ordering Process.

Its extremely complicated to order from your digital menu on top. You should streamline this process to reflect Subway, they have an equally customizable food experience. The fact that customers walk through the process as the sandwich is being made, truly helps to make a complicated process much simpler. This should be replicated as much as possible, so that the person is being walked through making the decision. This will be the perfect solution for the biggest problem within the restaurant, the fact that people are having a hard time order.

2. iPad Digital Menus.

I love the technologies that are utilized in your restaurant. I think its great that you are making the leap where so many other restaurants are slacking in. Despite this, the digital menus that are being used on the iPad are done wrong. First things first, there should be a metal brace closing off of the iPad’s home button. This home button allows for people to get out of the application and begin using the iPad as a toy. This takes away from the experience. Secondly, you guys are using your website on the iPad in order to place the orders. I don’t want to get into the website in this point, but the experience is translated poorly to the iPad. I tried it twice, and I didn’t want to use it. You built the website with the mouse in mind but use it for a finger experience.

I have built a native digital menu application for the iPad (by no means do I think you should use it) but this type of experience would make your ordering experience that much better. A custom built application for the iPad that uses your brand colors, and has the performance benefits of being a native application is great. You can build a whole “Wow” effect for people off of this. I have seen the way people reacted to my app that I have built for a couple of restaurants, and everyone is taken aback by it. You should utilize your iPads to your advantage!

Also you want to be a social experience, and promote on twitter heavily? After you order your burger, allow for people to share it on Facebook or Twitter. This is really simple to do. I have not seen this function on the website either.

3. The Website.

Overall the website is pretty solid, but could use a little bit of polishing by a professional designer. There are a couple of ways you can make the website experience better, by simply making use of a background so that the background doesn’t get in the way. Also use bigger and friendly fonts! There are some really great designers from the Web 2.0 era that could quickly glance over the website and fix some of the bigger issues. Dribbble.com is a great resource for finding designers. Here is an example of designs made by Kerem - http://dribbble.com/kerem .

The same share button that I have seen before, is missing from here. After every burger is created and ordered, have people be able to share it on social networks would be a huge plus! Talk about getting some free marketing. Another point, why can’t I login with my twitter? This restaurant <3s twitter, but I can’t log in with it. Its a simple API to get that done. Think about this point, as it can raise the number of people that login to your site.

Back to the design and filtering information. On the front page of the website you have 5 “widgets” that help to present interesting information so that you can discover food. This is great, but the design isn’t making it clear what is good and whats not. What is the difference between a trending burger and a top seller? This weeks trending burger vs the most popular burgers? Have a nice stream on top that shows the trending burgers. If we could tweet burgers, then you can really have trending burgers -> from Twitter!!! The colors and fonts don’t work well in the front and they take away from my focusing on anything.

4. The Social

You have some awesome information going on here- the amount of burgers sold by Newmanra is 894! That alone will make her your customer for a long time. She feels like a part of the restaurant and will show off to all of her friends. Make this information easily available. When I press on Cali4nication on the BuildBoard, it just changes the arrangement to my right to show me the burger. Great, but you are trying to use social to push people to order it. Why not take me to another page where I can see the burger, who created it, how many times it was bought and how it was trending for 4 weeks in a row! Plus an image of the person that actually made it (in this case Newmanra “the beauty”).

Now the burger builder, I like the fact that you can only create it once you order it, but I want to feel attached to my burger. I want to find out when the burger sells 10! That will make me obsess over it and check out your website over and over again. It will also get me to talk to all of my friends above it. You have a gold mine with this burger builder + twitter + social + a simple email follow up.

I think that the food ordering experience is the highest priority at the moment and I am sure you guys are mainly doing this revamp in order to fix that issue, but your tech can really help you in that area. For example if you had a great iPad application to order from, you could have people ordering from it all over the restaurant as potentially even a primary method of ordering. I love your concept and I think I very much understand what you are trying to do here. Lets make this thing a reality and be a huge chain.